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Share your love on
this festival of lights.

Celebrate family, community, and friendship
be the bard and poet at your Hanukkah table.

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A personalized book in
3 easy steps

Telling someone why they are special has never been this easy and fun! Each LoveBook® is a custom made list of all those little reasons why you love or appreciate someone. Customize your book as much or as little as you'd like.

Personalized Story Book Gifts - LoveBook Characters

Design LoveMoji® characters to look just like you!

Choose your eyes, hair, skin tone and more for each LoveMoji®. Your LoveMojis® will now automatically appear throughout your book.

Personalized Story Book Gifts - LoveBook Characters

Personalized Story Book Gifts - LoveBook Covers

Select the perfect
cover for your book

Choose from hundreds of book covers to fit any occasion. Personalize the title, font style and size to make it unique.

Personalized Story Book Gifts - LoveBook Covers

Personalized Story Book Gifts - LoveBook Editor

Personalize each
page to fit your story

Edit each page by adding illustrations, text and position the LoveMojis® to make a custom, one-of-a-kind gift they will love!

Personalized Story Book Gifts - LoveBook Editor
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Personalized Story Book Gifts by LoveBook

Create Your Own
Personal Love Story.

Saying WHY you love someone is a special gift that will make anyone feel loved & appreciated.

Easy to build.
Even more fun to give.

Select from thousands of ideas and fun illustrations.

Make Your Love
Story Come To Life.

Customize the message and put in all your special moments, inside jokes and more.

LoveBook® specifications

The Details

Book size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Premium bound glossy cover
Soft cover also available

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All of this

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$ 44 . USD

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is LoveBook handling the COVID-19 pandemic?

In this ever-changing and challenging time, LoveBook remains committed to the safety of our employees and their families, our community, and our entire printer network. To be clear, we are still producing and shipping LoveBooks throughout the Globe. In some areas, work and travel restrictions may affect outbound shipments to areas impacted by COVID-19. Please visit our pricing and shipping page for all current estimated delivery dates, based on the country and region intended for shipping.

We are closely monitoring the C.D.C. and W.H.O., taking proper health precautions where needed. While our headquarters is currently closed, all team members are working remotely. We are also working closely with our printer network, ensuring they too are taking the proper health precautions.

LoveBook has always been in the business of spreading love, now more than ever. Our Development and Creative Teams have been diligently working towards enhanced features within our website, making it easier to digitally connect to those important in our lives.

Our Customer Service Team is here to answer any questions you may have. CONTACT US.

How does this work?

Everyone has a unique love story. The LoveBook® Book Building System lets you tell that story by listing all those special reasons why you love them. Start making your LoveBook by selecting the "Get Started" tab on our home page.

We offer the ability to create a LoveBook for almost any occasion for a wide variety of relationship types.

Check out our tutorials for more information!

If I order today when will I receive my book?

Please check out our Pricing and Shipping Page to see when you can expect your book to arrive. Just enter your country and then select the shipping method you prefer.

If you need to find out approximately when your order will arrive, you can visit our Shipping Calculator. Just select a country and shipping type to see the available estimated delivery dates.
Remember that our shipping calculator produces estimates, not promises. We take pride in getting LoveBooks out fast but do not warrant any arrival time.

Do you ship worldwide?

We ship books to most countries throughout the world. We also have printing partners in Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, and Prague. Packages destined to any of these countries will print and ship within these countries.

Please check out our SHIPPING CALCULATOR to see our shipping options and approximate time frames. On the shipping page, just enter your country and we will display the details.

Prices are currently in US dollars. You can do a conversion to your currency by going to Google by typing in "USD to [your currency]" - Example: "USD to Australian Dollar".

What do I get with a LoveBook+ membership?

When you join LoveBook+, you receive a free LoveBook with your membership, 50% off all future LoveBooks, unlimited free digital books, as well as additional discounts on any add-on products, such as personalized activity books and gift boxes. No additional promo codes needed!

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